Hello friends,

Thanks to all of you who’ve supported OUR WORLD since its premiere this fall. What began as a labor of love has grown to become a unique animated serial with a consistent and growing viewership, and a creative team comprised of some of the best in the business.
Our aim for 2012 is to continue increasing our viewership, while expanding our footprint across the web. In support of this goal, we have brought on board a producer to develop entertaining content across multiple platforms, including broadcasting, social networking, e-literature and more. The first step is to create an application that allows viewers on various platforms (iPad, Android, Kindle Fire) to interact with our characters, keep up with our story and participate in its development in real time.
We need your help to accomplish these goals. Please visit our page at IndieGogo (http://www.indiegogo.com/ourworlddrama) where you may make a financial contribution to our project, helping us meet our objectives for 2012. In exchange for your contribution, the OUR WORLD production team is providing unique opportunities to obtain entertainment industry experience and/or professional IMDB credits.
Our next cycle of episodes begin airing on Monday, January 2, 2012. We resume production next week. Our show airs daily and has no hiatus. Time is of the essence. Thank you again for your viewership, and please forward this message along others in your network. Let the drama continue! http://www.ourworlddrama.com .
Happy Holidays,
Jordan von Haslow
Executive Producer and Head Writer
PS- A detailed list of contribution perks can be found at http://www.indiegogo.com/ourworlddrama.