Now that you have caught a glimpse into OUR WORLD, let’s see if
you can make it into OUR inner circle. Can guess who plays whom?

Last week we shared the photos of three different actresses, asking you to match the face to the name. Although you overwhelmingly thought that candidate number one does NOT play Headmistress, you votes were evenly split among candidates two and three.

Although nobody won by a longshot, we are happy to introduce Sarah Luttrell, candidate number three, as the voice behind Headmistress Adams.

Sarah Luttrell is New York-based stage actress, whose previous roles include Laura in Speaking to the Dead at TheatreLab, Daughter/Young Siward in Macbeth at Theatre Row with Oberon Theatre Ensemble, Portia in Julius Caesar and Hero in Much Ado About Nothing with the Inwood Shakespeare Festival, and Susan in First in Flight, a National Tour with Theaterworks USA. She was an Artistic Associate with Vpstart Crow Theatre under the artistic direction of Timothy S. Shaw, is the female voice of DixiFM 90.1 in Santiago, Chile, and was a singer and dancer for several years with Doc Scantlin and His Imperial Palms Orchestra.

Join us tomorrow for another episode of OUR WORLD and another round of Can You Name that Face?