Now that you have caught a glimpse into OUR WORLD, let’s see if
you can make it into OUR inner circle.

Each week we will reveal the face of another cast member.
However, there’s one catch– YOU’ve got to help us do it. Every afternoon, afternoon, a different photo will be shown. Let’s see if you can guess who plays whom.

This afternoon, Headmistress Adams showed her fiercest side yet. Seeing through Drew’s excuses, she sternly let him know who was in charge. Even we were slightly shaken.

That said, voices are a funny thing. Quite often, the person from which they emit than we ever would have expected. The question still remains, which of the three actresses presented here do YOU think is the voice behind Josephine Adams. Here’s today’s candidate…

The real Josephine Adams will be revealed on Monday, when you’ll have the opportunity to get to know the actress behind the headmistress.

Let the drama begin… WEEKDAYS 1:00 PM EST / 12:00 PM CST