Now that you have caught a glimpse into OUR WORLD, let’s see if
you can make it into OUR inner circle.

Each week we will reveal the face of another cast member.
However, there’s one catch– YOU’ve got to help us do it. Beginning this
afternoon, a different photo will be shown daily. Let’s see if you can guess
who plays whom.

As you saw today, Josephine Adams, headmistress of Kenilworth Academy is good at her job. Caring and concerned for her student’s well-being, she is equally adept and laying down the law, as Drew learned in today’s episode. One question remains: What does Headmistress Adams look like? Here’s today’s candidate…

The real actress behind Headmistress Adams will be revealed on Monday.

Let the drama begin… WEEKDAYS 1:00 PM EST / 12:00 PM CST